This session takes place within the first two weeks of birth. It will last an hour or so in the comfort of your home where I will seek out the best natural light for our time together. My focus is on capturing the sweet, tiny details of your little one, so the limited use of props or showy outfits is encouraged. Neutral colors are usually best. I always encourage parents and siblings to join in for a few captured moments as well. Your online gallery will include 25 images that have been thoughtfully curated to cherish as family heirlooms for generations to come.



This comfortable and relaxed session is the perfect way to document your family as it grows through the years. It includes up to one hour at your home or a nearby park when the light is just right. My goal is to catch moments of joy that show your true relationships and not simply staged smiles. I want you and your kids to feel like themselves in front of the camera, which often means a lot of silliness takes place! Your online gallery will have 30 images that includes a mixture of candids and portraits.



Your maternity session will be scheduled sometime between 30 to 35 weeks of your pregnancy. It includes thirty minutes at a nearby park or in the comfort of your home. The focus is documenting this miraculous season in a simple yet beautiful way. Years from now, these photographs will be some of your most treasured memories - and what a gift to share with your child when they are older! Your online gallery will include 15 images from our time together.


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